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Neck Relieved Tool Application

Deep Pocket and Slot Milling with Neck Relieved Series End Mills

Necked end mills for extended reach minimize tool deflection. The rigidity of these end mills enable multiple passes at faster feed rates. The appropriate depths of cut per pass are as follows: One half (1/2) times the diameter in ferrous materials and one (1) times the diameter in non-ferrous materials. The diagram at right shows 3 passes. The number of passes will vary, depending on depth of the pocket. Call us with your specific application.

Neck Relieved Applications Diagram

Trouble Shooting Guide

Chipping Feed to fast


Loose Workpiece

Tool not rigid enou gh
Reduce feed rate

Tighten screws

Tighten clamps

Try shorter length end mill
Rapid Wear Speed too fast

Hard metal

Feed rate too slow

Improper cutting angle

Primary relief angle too small
Use slower speed

Add coating

Inrease feed rate

Adjust cutting angle

Use a larger relief angle
Breakage Feed rate too fast

Cutting amount too large

Flute length too long

Too much wear
Decrease feed rate

Take smaller cut per tooth

Try shorter flute length

Regrind sooner
Chattering Feed and speed too fast

Machine and holder not rigid enough

Relief angle too great

Workpiece too loose

Cut too deep

Flute length too long
Adjust feed and speed rates

Use appropriate machine or holder

Use smaller relief angle

Refixture part

Use shallower cut

Try shorter flute length
Short Tool Life (Dull Teeth) Cutting friction too great

Improper cutting angle
Regrind more frequently

Adjust primary clearence angle
Chip Packing Cutting amount too great

Not enough chip room

Insufficient coolant
Modigy feed or speed rates

Use different end mill

Use additional coolant or use air flow
Rough Surface Finish Feed rate too fast

Speed rate too slow

Too much wear

No end tooth concavity
Decrease feed rate

Increase feed rate

Regrind soon

Add more dish to bottom teeth
Burring Primary relief wearing

Improper cutting angle
Regrind more frequently

Adjust cutting angle