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For over four decades, the Data Flute brand has been synonymous with high performance, application specific cutting tools. “Application specific” and “high performance” go hand-in-hand. From our perspective, it is very difficult to optimize cutting tool performance and therefore machine productivity without application specific tooling. If you want the highest metal removal rates with the best finish, most consistent tool life and the lowest levels of unwanted harmonics, it is essential to match the round tool to the job at hand.

This is the approach we have been taking at Data Flute since 1976. We believe our current catalog represents our best offering to date in application specific, high performance, solid, round, carbide end mills. Our tools cover the entire range of applications and work materials. Whether you need to maximize your metal removal rate in the roughest of roughing applications or need a mirror smooth finish, we have you covered. Similarly, our tools feature material specific geometries to maximize your productivity in the entire range of ferrous & non-ferrous metals. These tools have been developed at our in-house machining and testing center and have been refined through rigorous, follow-on field testing.

Here at Data Flute, we have the tools, factory and field support, and the desire to work with you to maximize your machining productivity. Call us today and let us help you with your cutting tool needs. We are passionate about high performance tooling and would love to share that passion with you.