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Roughing / Finishing End Mills

SS3 Three Flute End Flute

SS-3, Three Flute

  • Standard Corner Radius to Protect Corners
  • Roughing and Finishing Capabilities
  • Available in Stub, Standard, Medium and Reduced Neck
SS 3 C Three Flute End Mill

SS-3-C, Three Flute

  • Able to Machine Gummy Materials
  • Knuckle Form That Aids in Chip Size and Form
  • Available in Stub and Standard Lengths
SS 4 C Four Flute

SS-4-C, Four Flute

  • Truncated Knuckle Form for Chip Size and Form
  • Freer Cutting and Better Chip Control
  • Tool of Choice in Gummy Materials
  • Available in Stub and Standard Lengths