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Roughing End Mills

HiTex C 6 Flute Rougher End Mill

HiTex-C 6 Flute Rougher

  • Increased Core for Strength and Stability in Cut
  • Fine Pitch Serrations for Chip and Form Control
  • High Temp Alloy Specific Geometry
  • High Temp Alloy Specific Coatings
FeRx Variably Indexed Rougher End Mill

FeRx Variably Indexed Rougher

  • Tool of Choice for Ferrous Roughing Applications
  • Freer Cutting, Better Chip Form and Control
  • Additional Radii and Coatings upon Request
  • Modified LBS Lengths upon Request
SSDH Four Flute End Mill

SSDH Four Flute

  • Design that Virtually Eliminates Flute Packing and Obstruction
  • No Chatter
  • Freer Cutting that Demands Less Horsepower
  • Stability in Aggressive Applications
SSDH C Four Flute End Mill

SSDH-C Four Flute

  • Double Helix Tool for Fast Chip Ejection
  • Truncated Knuckle O.D. Form for Aggressive Feed
  • Freer Cutting and Better Chip Control
  • Available in Stub and Standard Lengths